Fashion 1


Transform education to be more immersive and more social.
Don’t simply look at pages and apps, but engage in activities with others within places.

Fashion 2

Internet of Everything

Built around activities enjoys with friends and coworkers.
An increase in creators is mixing and matching, embedding and liking, leveraging a new era of creator-oriented tools.
Take you to places you never imagined.

Fashion 3


Use AI to design microchips and generate code that power the metaverse.
A decentralized identity ecosystem shifts the power toward the social groups themselves, allowing them to move across collective experiences.
Humans, silicon, AI and networks are woven together into a cooperative structure. What's the difference between an AI algorithm and human thought?

Fashion 4

Non-Fungible Token

Become the basis of virtual goods in an emerging generation of your thought, design, avatar customizations, and metaverse experiences.

Advanced Digital Twins

Transit from looking at computers from an outside perspective to a future where we’ll occupy virtual space and live in a world where digital is all around us.