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Added: Mar. 26th, 2023

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LEGO Mindstorms Log and Camellia Controller Log

LEGO Mindstorms
1998 - RCX
2006 - NXT
2013 - EV3
2020 - Robot Inventor

Since 2016, Camellia has focused on robots and their controller design with educational instruction.
Camellia Controller has two product series, one is ARM with 32 bits controller, and the other is MCU with 8 bits controller. The main target is servo motor control and robot design.
More than LEGO Mindstorm, Camellia Controller could also control the steering servo motor, drive LED and LCD.
More importantly, Camellia Controller supports the Internet of Things via MQTT, BLE and Wi-Fi technology.
With Camellia, you will not only design your robot but also know how to design your robot both from hardware and software.
What’s more, you will uncover the mystery of the AI, and then you will be on cloud nine.


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