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Duration: 3 min 26 sec

Added: Jun. 15th, 2020

Category: Car Model


Platform: YouTube Bilibili

Motorcycle Sidecar with Camellia Mini Controller

Camellia Café presents a particular designed Motorcycle with Sidecar model being controlled by Mini controller.
One steering servo motor is used to steer.
One DC motor is used to as power.
Wi-Fi technology is used to control this model via the local wireless network.
MQTT technology is used to control this model via a wide wireless network, then, you and your children could manipulate this model anywhere with iOS, Android or Windows Devices.

Sidecars are a great way to enjoy a motorcycle.
One can carry items safer than they could be compared to being on two wheels.
+ Steering
+ Differential and Locking
+ 2 Cylinders Engine
+ LED Light


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