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Duration: 6 min 15 sec

Added: Jan. 26th, 2021

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Category: Education AI

Platform: YouTube Bilibili

Multiple Intelligences and Artificial Intelligence - Vinyl, Turntable and Phono

With the resurgence of vinyl over the last several years, a whole new generation is getting into turntables:

+ Analogue and Digital
+ Vinyl
- How to make Vinyl?
- How to play Vinyl?
+ Turntable
- Servo Motor
+ Phono
- Cartridge
- Cable
+ Internet of Things
+ Artificial Intelligence

A look at vinyl record grooves at around 1000x magnification. You can see the waveforms of the music itself…

Music, after all, is something that brings joy to our lives. Vinyl gives us a way to increase the joy factor and explore music in new and exciting ways. That joy is the essence of the vinyl revival. It’s why people are gleefully purchasing records again.


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