What's the difference

between Droid and Robot


Robots are with machine profile.
Droids look like humankind.


Robots operate in the manner of machines, cars... with program
Droids talk, run, leap, even think...


Robots get evolution from smart car, automatic machine...
Droids are original from science comics, fictions and movies...

What can we do?

Each droid has one know how.


Wall E
Once he uses the camera, he could take photos with you.
He becomes your photographer and based on above movement, he could take video recording from multi-direction.

Military Tattoo

Servo Strandbeest
His head, body, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, left hand and right hand are able to be controlled cooperatively!
No matter running forward or backward, or turning left or right, even spinning, he is a perfect performer.
His eyes are light and camera.


Motor-brain Brothers
Simple, but Ingenious.
Ugly, but Close.


HMI is the area of computer science and artificial intelligence concerned with the interactions between droid and human.
Touch screen and LED/LCD are the basic types.
Touching gives informtion to droid.
Displaying is the feedback from droid.


He is a mechanic who talks about linkage and gears.
He is an electronic engineer who tells you about Boolean and ASCII code.


The Mecanum wheel is an omnidirectional wheel design for a land-based vehicle to move in any direction.
Minions use Pulse Width Modulation and H-bridge technology to adjust the speed and direction of their vehicles.
Camellia Mini could control all motors synchronously, thus making the vehicle perform perfect omnidirectional running.